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dcHost Web Consultants
For as little as R4,20 per month you can own your own website !!!

Do you have a website/domain for your small to medium business?

Register your domain name and have your own email address which you can keep forever. Manage the email accounts associated with your domain(s).

The software provided allows you to design your own website. Your data will still be kept in our database unless you explicitly delete the project.

Point your new domain name to any existing website address.

Simply register it to make sure that no-one else does!

You will get software to manage all different aspects of your website, including your files, security, email, web applications, and a whole lot more. The getting started wizard will introduce you to some of the concepts behind web hosting and allow you to configure some basic settings for your website so that you can start bringing traffic (visitors) to your site.

Silver Package
Special Package: Please note that this package is only available for the first year.
Web Space Quota: 250Mb, Bandwidth: 1000Mb, E-mail Accounts: 5, FTP Accounts: 1
R 4.20
Bronze Package
Web Space Quota: 500Mb, Bandwidth: 2500Mb, E-mail Accounts: 10, FTP Accounts: 1
R 25.00
Gold Package
Web Space Quota: 1000Mb, Bandwidth: 5000Mb, E-mail Accounts: 50, FTP Accounts: 5
R 49.00
Platinum Package
Web Space Quota: 2000Mb, Bandwidth: 10000Mb, E-mail Accounts: 100, FTP Accounts: 5
R 99.00
Diamond Pakcage
Web Space Quota: 4000Mb, Bandwidth: 20000Mb, E-mail Accounts: 250, FTP Accounts: 10
R 199.00

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