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The Wapit Story
It all began, as most great things do, with a need and the spark of a fresh idea.

Driven by a firm resolve to provide an alternative to unhelpful, inadequate search results and webpages crammed with random numbers and faceless information, the Wapit creators had a vision of offering the public so much more.

Founded in 2008, by Cape Town based systems developers, Jerry Diender and Angelo Zanetti, Wapit's inception was further motivated by the advancement of mobile phone technology, the possibilities and the spectrum of opportunity it began to inspire. Fuelled increasingly by an emergent gap in the market and the desire to assist fellow South African business owners, the concept of Wapit was brought into being.

By identifying and isolating a need for easily accessible and informative data, the savvy duo endeavoured to create a solution: a mobile site with a broad range of uses, where business owners and browsers alike could find a space for interaction, connectivity and convenient hassle free transmission and retrieval of information.

Wapit has since grown from a budding venture inspired by an idea to a fully fledged mobile search engine that offers business owners a new way to advertise and browsers a convenient and simple way to find the information they need on PC or mobile phone.

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