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Terraforma SA
Terraforma the ecological dynamic weight-loss solution

“I’d recommend TERRAFORMA to anyone who has ever struggled with diets... amazing... easy... fun... and results last.”

Terraforma is a revolutionary process for lasting weight loss and glowing good health. Terraforma is groundbreaking because it works for everyone!

The Terraforma program reshapes your body by liberating fat from areas like tummy, thighs and upper arms which are often resistant to conventional slimming diets. So, not only does it offer rapid, easy weight-loss, but it also reveals your attractive natural shape while improving your contours and boosting your healthy good looks.

Men and women are amazed at the ease with which they have managed to shed weight, with mostly no hunger while experiencing a sense of wellbeing and physical rejuvenation.

Our Terraforma weight-loss solution is unique and fresh. Obesity has nothing to do with lack of willpower, but is a metabolic disorder which causes a person to gain fat – an abnormal glandular functioning – which can be treated to enable the person to establish normal weight.

The tendency to gain weight is caused by abnormal function of the diencephalon, made up of the thalamus, hypothalamus and the pituitary hidden in the centre of the brain. Terraforma restores normal functioning of the diencephalon, thereby clearing abnormal fat deposits.

We at Terraforma have all personally been searching for many years for an answer to weight-gain and we have personally found the Terraforma program to be the key.

• Weight loss without hunger
• Improved body shape
• Better sleep
• Improved stress endurance
• An end to food cravings
• Better blood pressure
• Lower cholesterol
• Less ravenous hunger
• Glowing skin
• Weight loss from problem areas
• Less aches and pains
• Improved blood sugar levels
• Better emotional balance
• Boosted self esteem
• Improved relationship with food
• Better hormone balance

Dimitri lost 9kg in 2 and a half weeks. He is currently in the 6 weeks Modus 2 (Terraforma Eating Plan, Terraforma Homeopathic Spray and Individual Mentoring), after which he is going into Alma (6 weeks Consolidation Period and Individual Mentoring).

Peter lost 10kg in 3 weeks. He looks great and feels energetic and finds it easy to maintain his weight loss. Peter completed the 3 week Modus 1 (Terraforma Eating Plan, Terraforma Homeopathic Spray and Individual Mentoring) of the Terraforma program and the Alma (6 weeks Consolidation Period and Individual Mentoring) and has never felt better.

Begin the transformation NOW!

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