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Wapit strives to be the next generation directory listing, using the accessibility of mobile technology; we focus on giving users fast, convenient, accurate and helpful information where-ever in South Africa they might find themselves.

Here at Wapit, we are passionate about food and fine-dining but we are also committed to providing a service that is helpful and quick. The Wapit site was designed to help visitors browse through our unique and vast array of dining options, from Steak 'n Chips, Authentic African, Indian to Gourmet, find a desired restaurant easily, get the required information quickly and have an enjoyable experience anytime, anywhere.
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Showcase your restaurant to South Africa and the world. With the Soccer World Cup just around the corner, South African restaurants have so much to offer. There is a great deal to appreciate, from our celebrated local chefs, rich and diverse culinary influences, blends of fresh ingredients and spices, to the mouth-watering flavours of our delectable cuisine and decadent sweet treats.

Advertising on a tight budget? Don’t let finances get you down. We understand that times are tough and promoting your restaurant can be expensive, so to help ease the burden, Wapit listings have become more affordable.

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