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Promotion team
At Wapit, we understand the importance of marketing and promotions. In times of economic downturn, belts are tightened, expenses are curbed and most often the marketing budget is the first to go. On the other hand, without marketing and promoting your business, service and products and getting your brand to the right target audience, your business cannot survive.

So, how Do you market without breaking the bank??
Simple. When you sign up with Wapit, we create an environment of exposure for you, enticing and encouraging people to try out your business, experience your great service, see what you have to offer and get clued up about what your establishment is all about. Essentially, the more people that know of your business, the more attention you will receive and the more happy customers you will enjoy! We would like to help businesses stand out of the crowd and be counted.

Keeping the marketing ball rolling!
Wapit aims to constantly be in the eye of the public, striving to create awareness by holding promotions, getting involved in social media marketing, advertising through print and banner advertisements, charitable sponsorships, and being listed on various search engines, websites and directories. The more we promote Wapit, the more we promote your business!

A whale of a time
Among the many promotional endeavours that have been carried out in the last few months, one of Wapit’s most recent had been held in the town of Hermanus. Our promotions team found themselves at South Africa’s first annual Eco-Arts festival, in celebration of Spring and the return of the whales. A flyer and gift giveaway was undertaken to promote searches via mobile phone and focus attention and create interest for the businesses listed on Wapit in and around the area.

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