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Presently, there are 39 million mobile users in South Africa and by 2012 ...this number will grow to a staggering, 48 million.

Internet access is expected to double in the next five years. The number of Internet users in South Africa grew by 12.5% to 4, 6-million in 2008.

The increased growth rate is expected to continue for the next five years, taking the Internet user population to the 9-million mark by 2014.

Arthur Goldstuck, MD of World Wide Worx
According to recent telecommunications marketing study, South Africa is the fourth-fastest growing mobile communications market in the world, with over 39 million mobile phone subscribers representing 80% of our population.

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.

Thomas Jefferson
Mobile Marketing
Expose your business and get your information into the hands of the audience you really want to reach. Cell phones have become a leading method of communication of this generation, contributing largely to a shift from the old conventional ways that businesses used to market and advertise, to focus instead, on a more mobile medium.

Technological advancements and popularity has allowed for the cellular phone to become a device that is affordable, practical, equipped with web browsing functionality (for quick access to the internet), while still offering personalization, convenience and mobility. The cellular phone has evolved into the perfect multi-purpose personal tool to compliment the busy fast-paced lifestyle of people in a modern, progressive world.

On the beach... at home... on the go!
Wapit is the next generation directory listing, a mobile site which enables browsers can get onto their cell phone and access information from anywhere, anytime! Now a browser can find a restaurant or the next best place to hang out in their area while lying on the beach, a B’nB while road tripping to their next holiday destination or finding a plumber to come to come to their aid when a pipe bursts at two in the morning. Quick, informative, convenient, accessible.

What’s in it for the business owner?
Cell phones also present the business owner with many opportunities and a new avenue for exposure. If you own a WAP site, it becomes a personal mass media channel that’s constantly by a consumer’s side, providing immediacy, conveying your business information to a cell phone owner’s fingertips, in a matter of seconds.

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Get your business on a WAP site, inexpensively, with no hassles, time-wasting or hidden costs. Mobile marketing and advertising on Wapit can help you acquire and retain customers, increase clientele, sell and promote your products and services, drive loyalty, and reinforce your branding efforts.

Our intensive marketing strategies, affordable rates and dedicated efforts to create awareness for the businesses that list on our site will help you get more publicity for your business and stretch your marketing budget further.

Get a webpage spread of advertising space, fields for full colour pictures, Google maps, quantifiable graphical results that you can monitor and so much more.

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