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Geyser Blanket
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Large electricity price increases are inevitable over the next five years and the only way that households can reduce this impact is by using less electricity by using a geyser blanket and/or timer.
Geyser Blanket supplied and fitted @ R499-99
Geyser Timer supplied and fitted @ R1 299-00
Both supplied and fitted @ R1 675-00
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On average the five most important users of electricity in the average household are hot water heaters (geysers), space heaters, cooking and pool pumps. Hot water heating, lighting, pool pumps and space heating account for 77% of electricity usage in the average household.

· Consider switching your geyser thermostat down to an acceptable temperature.

· Consider installing a time switch on your geyser, supplied and fitted by Lovett Components cc @ R1299-00.

· Consider shifting to having showers, versus having a bath.
· Consider fitting an aerated shower head.·

3. While lighting only accounts for about 10% of the average homes electricity usage.
· Consider changing all your old incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). A 15 watt CFL bulb produces the equivalent of a 100 watt incandescent bulb, but using only 15% of the electricity.
· Consider fitting CFLs with day/night sensors as your outside security lights supplied and fitted by LOVETT COMPONENTS CC 083 484 1191.
4. Space heating/cooling

Space heating in winter is a large peak user of electricity. Up to 40% of the heat generated by households during winter is lost through the ceiling and a similar amount of energy is lost cooling rooms in summer, both due to poor insulation in houses and offices.

· Consider insulating the ceiling of your house supplied and fitted by LOVETT COMPONENTS CC 011 683 9766. Isotherm ceiling insulation supplied and fitted by Lovett Compnents cc 083 484 1191.

· Consider using gas heaters versus electric heaters during winter.

· Consider only heating one room versus the whole house in winter.

5. It is important to consider if the appliances in your household are energy efficient. While a “bar” heater may be cheap to buy, it is very expensive to run.

· Consider only buying energy star rated appliances.

· Consider buying a dishwashing machine.

· Consider switching off appliances normally left in the standby mode. Many appliances when left in the standby mode still use as much as 50% of the normal electricity consumption.

6. Swimming pool pumps are real electricity guzzlers. A timer should be installed.

· · Consider reducing the number of hours that the pool pump operates.

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