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Elemental Web Solutions
Elemental is a leading Cape Town based company specializing in web application development, website design, WAP / mobi sites and other web related services. Elemental's team of experienced developers will assist you with your requirements in order to fulfill your expectations in designing and developing solutions that will meet your company's requirements.

Elemental has been established since 2001 (formerly Z Logic) and prides itself on creating long-term partnerships with its clients.

Elemental uses the latest cutting edge web technologies such as PHP, Ajax, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, xHTML, HTML, XML as well as mobile technologies to provide Internet applications that are available on mobile phones. With the use if these technologies Elemental provides solutions to its client's problems ensuring a successful project and client satisfaction.

Elemental's previously completed projects range from website design to web development to mobile applications to intranet applications to e-commerce solutions. Click here to view our Portfolio.

Elemental has successfully completed many projects for companies based in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Web Development
Elemental is one of Cape Town’s leading web development companies. Our team of highly skilled professionals make use of the latest cutting edge web technologies to provide our clients with a professional presence on the Internet.

Elemental provides a wide range of web development services ranging from database driven websites, to e-commerce websites, to intranet applications.

Our team of designers and developers will work closely with you to establish the exact design and functionality your website requires.

Utilizing the latest web technologies and standards such as PHP, MySQL, Ajax and javascript you can rely on Elemental to provide your business with a well designed and fully functional website to cater for all your business requirements.
Email Marketing
Elemental’s email marketing services allow you to create and distribute high quality, professional email newsletters to clients.

Email is an effective way to communicate with your clients, allowing you to reach large amounts of people in a short time. An email marketing campaign is a successful and cost-effective way of increasing your presence on the Internet in a short period of time.

Email marketing can be used for the following: Website launches, new product launches, special offers, general newsletters. Basically any form of mass HTML email communication to your clients. The HTML newsletter templates are designed to conform with your company's branding and to give your business a professional image.
Mobile Development
Elemental can design and develop a WAP / mobi site for your business.

Our team of developers have the expertise and experience to give your business a presence on mobile devices anytime and anywhere at a cost effective rate.

Mobile applications developed by Elemental allow your client’s to easily and in a convenient manner access information which is critical to them. The type and complexity of the applications that can be developed are almost limit less. These applications can be simple yet very powerful allowing users to access a vast amount of information via their handsets.

A few years ago not many businesses had a website. Nowadays everybody has a website. These days not all businesses have a Mobile site, but soon the majority of businesses will have a mobi site.

Mobile Internet is developing extremely fast and most cell phones are WAP enabled. Most teenagers access the web from their cell phones and the adults are following suit.
SMS Solutions
SMS applications have become very attractive due to simplicity of use, wide user acceptance and relatively low cost.

SMS solutions can be used for various activities such as:

    * premium rated SMS campaigns
    * website registrations via SMS
    * sending of bulk SMSes as well as integrating SMS features into your existing web application

SMS solutions can prove to be very beneficial to your business communications and can be integration into almost any web application allowing you to trigger any number of processes when sending or receiving SMSes.

An example of a custom SMS solutions is: To allow your business to use premium rated SMSes to register on your website to gain access for a limited period based on a unique access code generated. One the server receives the premium rated SMS it will generate the access code and SMS it back to the sender.
Domain Registration
Let Elemental take care of all your domain name registration needs. Our team will gladly assist you in registering and setting up your domain name.

Elemental offers registrations of the following domain names :
  • .com
  • .org
  • .info
  • .biz
  • .net
  • .de
  • .eu
  • .mobi
Web Hosting
Elemental offers a wide range of hosting packages depending on your hosting requirements. Please see the various hosting packages on our website:
e-commerce solutions
Do you have an e-commerce website that is not performing as it should? Perhaps you need to set up an e-commerce site but aren't sure how to go about it. Elemental specialises in a number of web-based solutions, including the development of e-commerce websites and appropriate marketing strategies.

E-commerce sites are not like ordinary websites. They need to process financial transactions, which means that they need to be especially secure, with particular focus on privacy. They also need to be able to provide stable shopping cart applications that wont drop clients products or miscalculate product prices, discounts, coupons and delivery rates.

Our solutions ensure that all of these considerations are taken into account; with the result that your e-commerce site is easy for clients to use, provides peace of mind and, importantly, increases your turnover.

Our e-commerce solutions and years of experience in the industry will help you implement an e-commerce strategy that will have your website turning over a profit in no time. With e-commerce capabilities you'll be able to tap into a much wider market, as the Internet opens the door to the world.
Facebook application development
Facebook is the second biggest website in the world, after Google, so it makes good business sense to create a Facebook page and application for online marketing purposes. Facebook applications are a growing industry as many businesses look to create custom apps that are compatible for PCs, Apple Macs and assorted mobile devices, like Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

Now you can get your very own Facebook application thanks to Elemental's brilliant team of app developers. We can create a range of Facebook applications, from an app to run a competition or something of more practical value like showcasing your latest products to Facebook games.

A custom developed Facebook application will allow you to interact with existing clients and attract potential clients. With more than 800 million active users and counting, it is clear that Facebook is a channel that businesses cannot afford to ignore.

Contact us to find out how our Facebook app development team can best help you promote your business on the Facebook platform.

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