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Need a friendly welcome and warm hospitality?

Find the perfect place to stay on your cellphone or pc, anywhere in South Africa...from a simple farm stay, backpacker or guesthouse, celebrated safari lodge, country retreat to a sophisticated and trendy city residence. Wapit has a growing selection of accommodation choices to help you make an informed decision. Consider our exciting options for leisure breaks, corporate getaways, or a quick overnight visit in a neighbouring city.

Whether you are a visiting tourist sitting on a bus, or business man flying to local destination on a plane, Wapit can help you plan ahead and find the information you seek to make advanced reservations.

Each Wapit listing has its own webpage with all the particulars you could need, complete with information on amenities, recreation, current rates, maps, special offers, a link to a websites and full colour pictures of rooms and facilities. Everything you could require to suit your pocket and your needs.
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